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Welcome in! This is a public Phabricator instance to allow coworking on your Free and open source projects!

Hey, it's a good alternative to other services like GitHub and GitLab etc.!

Join details:

  • Gratis registration for bug reporters
  • Gratis registration for Free as in freedom projects
  • Gratis registration if you do nothing but you love Torino and its Mole Antonelliana!
  • We can discuss other kind of participation

How to Register-in

We have not the time to fight for spam, so, to register-in:

  • ask invitation from an already registered friend
  • register via a social
  • or just introduce yourself here (copy address from the image):

Email.png (26×160 px, 2 KB)

Telling what you like and what you want to do (write "mozzarella-mandolino" somewhere in the email to be not killed by a powerful artificial intelligence anti-spam filter. asd).

Have fun!

I'm an Hacker and I'M IN. Now?

Welcome aboard, pirate! Arrrr! Now you can:


We don't accept donations. This is because you are the product and we just do enough truckloads of money selling your personal data to Al-Qaeda and Topo Gigio.

NOTE: To comply with the European transparency treaties here you should inform about our major lobbyist.
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