Mobile Archive Landing: improve geolocation suggestions
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Since yesterday we didn't have the time to make a nice API to query nearest archives, at the moment the sorting is done client-side.

The problem is that client-side has not all the Archives, only big ones (like APPA Piemonte, etc.)

Current results from Torino:

  • APPA Piemonte, APPA Liguria, Appa Veneto.

Expected results from Torino:

  • To. Architetture recenti, To Sintesi, To. Itinerari del centro

image.png (1×591 px, 371 KB)

NOTE: At the moment, even in AtlasFor a client-side sorting is done. So it's OK for now to continue as-is, without a GEO API. But we need a workaround of course.

Proposed change

In the landing, when you arrive at a local archive (e.g. APPA Piemonte), spawn also the sub-archives (e.g. APPA Piemonte > Torino > Torino sintesi). This should be enough to make those archives appear in the localization.

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