Upgrade from Phabricator to Phorge
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valerio.bozzolan created this task.

Current situation:

Arcanist85c953ebe4a6fef332158fd757d97c5a58682d3aMay 17 2022, 23:15
Phabricator9426765a2c6a149f5b0ed2d9132cd1e4e7ee152dJun 14 2022, 16:29
cd arcanist    && git branch --copy master master-before-phorge && cd -
cd phabricator && git branch --copy master master-before-phorge && cd -

I've done this on a Train in the last 7 minutes of trip. I think somehow it worked perfectly.

Let's mark as resolved. Probably I destroyed everything and the database is completely fucked. But hey, nobody noticed it.

We are now at:

Phorge 11, 11:10Show the API summary on the top of each Conduit API page← (BY ME ASD)
Arcanist 8 2022, 23:39updating twitch to latest api (Helix)