Set proper licenses for site contents
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Please set CC BY SA 4.0 / GNU FDL as default license for contents related to Merge-IT project.

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Waiting for Merge-IT consensus, this can be generalized and applied to every content released to the "public" in this website. Because actually, even public content is under «all rights reserved» and it's not good.

Let me discover how to edit the footer in a stable way.

valerio.bozzolan added a comment.EditedMay 22 2020, 08:51

I opened a public poll not directly related to Merge-IT stuff:

Should we release website contents marked as "public" and without any other indication as default to CC BY SA 4.0 and GNU FDL?

(Example: repositories are not included in this poll, because they already have a Free as in Freedom license).

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I'm marking this task as closed for the project: see the new text in the website footer:


About Merge-IT: when there will be enough consensus just feel free to change their wiki pages from "Visible to: Merge-IT" to "Visible to: Public", that will be enough.

Feel free to reopen if there are other questions!

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