Gravatar integration
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It could be a nice feature to have a Gravatar integration on this phabricator platform.

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Gravatar is useful, but I do not like external URLs. Anyway, we can surely think about do not hot-link the image (to do not add external resources that is surely a privacy concern) but download and upload it in Phabricator, maybe using a daemon action to keep everything scalable.

Maybe this can be done with an ad-hoc Phabricator extension that:

  • add a new section in the User profile settings below Upload New Picture, something called Update from Gravatar with just a button
  • when clicking the button, insert a new Phabricator daemon action to download the Gravatar image and to upload it in Phabricator and set that as profile picture
  • tell the user that in few seconds his/her image will be updated or something like that