Patch Material Skin
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What is this?

Material is a skin made by Wikimedia users SamanthaNguyen, GeorgeBarnick, MtMNC, and Jack Phoenix. The skin is based on the Material Design language created by Google.


Existing issues, and

1.36 issues

None yet, migration will start once all subtasks are closed as resolved.

Development Phases

Phase 1

The skin will be maintained and updated in some phases.

Phase 1
[]  Squish all existing bugs that were not patched
[x] Check for security vulnerabilities 
 [x] Patch them
Phase 2
Phase 2
[]  Upload phase 1 to Gerrit
[] Move to the features and feedback on the official Material board (
[] Actively maintain the skin
 [] Become a maintainer

What's in between phase 1 and phase 2?

In between, we will (hopefully) upload the patches to Gerrit, and the ReSupport MW GitHub.

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We’ve done this. After almost 2 weeks of hard work, the NPTW patches done.