Not optimized for 18:9 or 19:9 screens
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Semplicemente si genera una banda nera sottostante quando si usa l'applicazione con un telefono di nuova generazione che ha uno schermo 18:9 o 19:9 anzichè un 16:9.
Molto probabilmente già ricompilando l'app con l'ultimo SDK si dovrebbe riuscire a fixare il problema.


Reported by Antonio Cavuoto:

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The reported bug was already fixed when I claimed this task. So I contacted Antonio Cavuoto (who reported this bug) to know in which conditions the bug showed up.

  • Device: Xiaomi Mi 8
  • Android version: Oreo (8.0)

I tried to install the application on an emulator with the screen 16:9, one 18:9 and one 19:9. But the bug didn't show up.

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If this bug occurs again, try to modify the layout_height settings in res/layout folder's .xml files.