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Pardon me if the question looks silly, but according to the Welcome page a would-be user can

ask invitation from an already registered friend

How can an existing user send such invitation? Is there a way to send email? Or a procedure to generate some kind of invite link?
It is unclear to me where to look for such a function.


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You discovered a Phabricator limitation. Anyway as workaround we have created an amazing Invite user menu entry near your user account since some minutes. This just creates a restrictive Task visible by the Task author and all administrators.

I mean this form:

Documented now in Welcome in, a Phabricator instance!.

This workaround was designed after knowing about a Phabricator limitation described here:

In short, every damn Phabricator component is very customizable, but not the invite system. Such interesting. Such wow.

Please reopen if it does not work.