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Dear administrators,

I would like to create this repository:



Short name



Awesome stuff for the Foo Bar project.

Pushable by

TurboFlop (SRE)


Can you clone it from GitHub, and make it so changes here go to GitHub and Vice Versa?

Thank you for your time, dear awesome and kind and super and powerful and beneficent and well, modest administrators!

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I think you have to decide if this repository should be a GitHub mirror, or if the GitHub should be a mirror :)

In the meanwhile you can try to push here:


git push

I’d say
GitHub ⇾ Phabricator.
Also can I have editing perms? Thanks!

Is your GitHub repository public? :) I'm not sure I'm able to find its URL.

If I understand correctly, Phabricator is an enterprise software and every repository is handled by an evil clan of repository administrators. These repositories are usually not edited directly by their developers because they could hide their repository by mistake (changing its Visibility) or setup broken mirrors or enable and disable weird options.

There is currently no option to just change the repository tags and description. This is a Phabricator bug I would like to track.

In the meanwhile feel free to write here whatever description or suggest whatever change :) And let's hack Phabricator to introduce this permission.

Is your GitHub repository public? :) I'm not sure I'm able to find its URL.


I didn't understand if a read-only mirror is OK for you (in the meanwhile that a mirror + vice versa is not possible).

Sorry for my delay. Thank you!