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About Libre BusTO

Libre BusTO, or simply BusTO, is your Android app that gives you arrival times for all public transport in Turin and its outskirts. Type in the number of the bus stop and get all the information about scheduled and real arrival times of every 5T/GTT's vehicle stopping there.

NOTE: Per leggere questa pagina in Italiano:

Some features:

  • Simple interface
  • Search by number
  • Search by name
  • Position suggestions
  • Save favorite stops

And not obviously:

  • No binary blob files
  • No tracking
  • No ads
  • Fairly light

Do not confuse this app with other proprietary software made by some other people.

How to download BusTO

We actually distribute the app only from F-Droid because the maintainer has not the Play Store.

Just download F-Droid and then search "BusTO", or download the apk from here:

How to get News

How to meet BusTO developers

You can easily get in touch with us:

  • You can drop us an e-mail writing to

How to create a Bug / Feature request

You can do this in 5 minutes:

  1. Register to this amazing website!
  2. Create a Task!

Or you can just drop an e-mail to:

How to hack BusTO

You can clone the BusTO source code repository with:

git clone

How to submit a Patch to BusTO ("pull request")

We hate GitHub so don't create pull requests in GitHub. Open your mind and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Do some small changes
  2. Install the amazing arcanist package (sudo apt install arcanist)
  3. Run arc diff inside the project directory
  4. Read the instructions


Or instead, if you are lazy, or like to get technical:

  1. Do some small changes
  2. Do some commits
  3. Generate a patch with (assuming you're keeping the branches name)
git format-patch -k --stdout origin/master..master > my-patch.diff
  1. Upload your file my-patch.diff here:


Or instead, if you are lazy:

  1. Just do your pull request in GitHub, but then don't expect to receive a present from Santa.

In any case: we love small commits with small changes!

External resources

Paper with technical specifications related to the Torino public transport:


You can think that this is just a small project, but trust me, there are hundred of nightly hours of work behind it.

Thanks to all the heroes under this small Free as in Freedom project. Here, for the centuries, some of them in order of appearance:

  • Fabio Mazza: rockstar developer since 2016
  • Silviu Chiriac: designer of the 2021 logo
  • Virginia Foti: our new Lady Factotum designer
  • Andrea Ugo: our new talented junior developer since 2020
  • Ludovico Pavesi: rockstar developer 2016–2018
  • Marco Gagino: graphical improvements and great beta testing 2015-2016
  • Antonio Cavuoto: very appreciated whishlist contributor since 2014
  • All the beta testers, bug hunters, and everyone who poured ideas on the developers
  • you, since now!

Thank you to everyone my friends! By me (Valerio Bozzolan) author and current maintainer since 2014. Your philanthropist maintainer, infrastructure provider and truly modest friend asd

License and Disclaimer

BusTO is copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 of its contributors. We hope this software may be useful but it's a Free as in freedom project and it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You have to respect the terms of the GNU General Public License v3+.

Dear GTT/5T lawyers: even if the GTT/5T data is provided only for personal usage, the BusTO developers are NOT infringing your copyright. We are not using/changing/distributing your contents for non-personal usage in any-way. "Our" users are the people who request your data directly from their devices, in person, and for personal usage. We do not track these users, we do not host any data-related service, we do not even know who is using our software, so do not break our balls and leave us hacking with the Turin public transport to make it better and accessible to the people.

Why we precise this? See this interesting story about another similar app.

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