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Torino has many vibrant communities about Software Freedom.

Here a non-exaustive list of something Torino can offer: (just edit this wiki if something is missing!)

LinuxTorino (Telegram)

Telegram group with 200+ 300+ people inside. Topic: everything in Torino about software freedom and GNU/Linux.

Officina Informatica Libera "OIL" (geo: San Salvario)

Technical support gratis to everyone, every wednesday 18:00-20:00. Just come here.

GNU/Linux User Group Torino "GLugTO" (geo: San Salvario)

Technical support once a month, 3° Saturday of every month, 10:30-13:00. Just come here.

Soluzioni InformEtiche "S.I.E." (geo: Quadrilatero Romano)

Cultural association promoting software freedom, shared knowledge and ethics. We organize workshops.

WEEE Open (geo: Politecnico)

Team opened to students of the Polytechnic University of Turin. We do Trashware with Free Software. We organize gratis courses two times a year.

Linux Day Torino

Once a year, in October, every Italian city organizes this yearly conference. We do this also in Torino... but bigger!

Torino Tech Scene

Index of events in Torino imported from Facebook and other sources.

Torino Tech

Index next events in Torino about software freedom and open source imported from GitHub.



To play SuperTuxKart contact Hyd3L using Telegram, to be invited in the multiplayer room.

Warning: Hyd3l is somehow very skilled.


To play Xonotic contact GNU Garro using Telegram, to be invited in the multiplayer room.

Warning: Hyd3l is somehow very skilled.


To play Simutrans contact quel_tale using Telegram, to be invited in the multiplayer room.

National Networks

Italian Linux Society

Voluntary Association since 1994 to spread software freedom in Italy. We provide gadgets, coordinate the yearly Italian Linux Day(s), provide email addresses to members.

LinuxIta (Telegram)

Telegram supergroup with 2000+ members. Please read the rules in the description before writing.

Work Offers

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Ask in @LinuxTorino on Telegram.

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