Release BusTO in the shitty Google Play Store
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This will be the most strenuous feature ever.

In the last 3-4 years we painfully discussed about being or not being published on the Google's proprietary Play Store.

This task is about this.

Preamble: we hate proprietary software

Libre BusTO developers does not want to promote proprietary software. Never. The app will be kept clear as water. Personally, I even try to live without using or promoting proprietary software at all, somehow with a great margin of success, to be coherent with our vision and say: hey, it's possible!

I do not have the Play Store at all. We promote F-Droid for a reason. Because it's Free Software and it does not kidnap your privacy and your hardware.

That's why F-Droid will be the preferred way to have Libre BusTO on your smartphone.

We do not want to be alone

Now the most controversial part. How we can even expect to further promote our vision, if our audience consists in just a couple of already-converted crazy nerdy friends?

Why promoting 100% digital freedom to +0% new users, when we can try to promote even just +30% digital freedom to +10.000 more users?

This is the key point. Someone should be ready to put his dirty hands in dirty shit to meet dirty devices and hit as much as we can, in order to avoid to spread this stuff just in our bubble.

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What we need is massive PR campaigning. We could (maybe) use something like a Facebook page to show people this app exists (and is good and solid)?
We would avoid having it phagocitated by the Play Store, but we would rely on external sites...

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I've created a fucking Google Play account called "Torino - sezione locale Italian Linux Society" with the intention of helping other free software developers in Torino to deliver more Free Software to people that has no any fucking idea about F-Droid.

Please remember me why we are paying these b***. It is to free more people. OK. Let's go.

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Thank you so much for your work Fabio:

This can be considered resolved.