Setup land Automation for BusTO
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We would be able to have a "land" button in Libre BusTO .

For security reasons this require another Drydock blueprint host in order to separate the building stuff to the landing stuff (the building stuff is very dangerous and should never be able to interact with the repository).

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Uh, Houston, we've had a problem:

One or more blueprints promised a new resource, but failed when allocating: [PhutilAggregateException] All blueprints failed to allocate a suitable new resource when trying to allocate lease ("PHID-DRYL-7bvtnllfkursoigqa4ea").
- PhutilAggregateException: Unable to allocate any binding as a resource.
- DrydockSlotLockException: Unable to acquire slot locks: "" (owned by "PHID-DRYR-f4guzy2xnotw6thi67mf").

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