Fix landing automation for BusTO (Unable to acquire slot locks)
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We would be able to have a " Land" button in R4 Libre BusTO.

For security reasons this requires separated SSH credentials, so another Drydock Blueprint host, in order to separate the building stuff to the landing stuff.

Why? Because the building stuff should be considered very untrusted and dangerous and should never be able to interact with the landing stuff that should be kept without untristed contamination.

As already said this can be achieved with two SSH users on the same host because the default umask is good to avoid that one SSH user could be able to write from the other.

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Uh, Houston, we've had a problem:

One or more blueprints promised a new resource, but failed when allocating: [PhutilAggregateException] All blueprints failed to allocate a suitable new resource when trying to allocate lease ("PHID-DRYL-7bvtnllfkursoigqa4ea").
- PhutilAggregateException: Unable to allocate any binding as a resource.
- DrydockSlotLockException: Unable to acquire slot locks: "" (owned by "PHID-DRYR-f4guzy2xnotw6thi67mf").

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Uhm. It seems that my PhutilAggregateException (Unable to allocate any binding as a resource.) means that you cannot have two Host Blueprints pointing to the same Almanac Service.

And the Google search for that raises 7 results:

image.png (160×388 px, 11 KB)

This Task is one of these results, and the others are mirrors of the official source-code related to the AlmanacService, so I'm officially the first human exploring this cute exception.

Having said that.

This is somehow confusing to me because the credentials are something Blueprint-related and so it may have sense to have different Blueprints using the same resources (for example to initialize different separate SSH connections).

I've made a cute schema to explain my concerns:

phabricator-harbormaster-drydock-almanac-host.png (1×2 px, 104 KB)

Original Dia file:


Let's share some thoughts with upstream to learn more about this interesting part.