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Feb 22 2021, 17:06
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F1744321: Libre BusTO menu after.png
Jun 4 2023, 21:20
F1744320: Libre BusTO menu before.png
Jun 4 2023, 21:20
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Oct 5 2022, 14:02
F1649211: immagine.png
Oct 5 2022, 12:25
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Jun 8 2021, 18:43


We need to design the new navigation drawer: we should put an header right?
Let's define the resources and what we can put inside (theoretically, it might be anything!)

We are talking about the image in the top-left side of this image:

Screenshot_20210608-184240_Trebuchet.png (1ร—1 px, 465 KB)

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To start I would propose to introduce the app icon as in this example:

immagine.png (386ร—319 px, 81 KB)

later we could add something reminiscent of turin if we find images with the right license for use

Hi Marco, can I ask you if, at the moment, do you see my same stuff?

Screenshot_20210608-184240_Trebuchet.png (1ร—1 px, 465 KB)

More or less, what I see on my installation is this:

photo_2022-10-05_13-59-35.jpg (1ร—576 px, 32 KB)

the screen loaded before is taken from the internet, it is just an example

Revision D112 was a step forward with app design?

I think so - context:

Libre BusTO menu before.png (2ร—1 px, 70 KB)
Libre BusTO menu after.png (2ร—1 px, 71 KB)