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Welcome in! This is a public Phabricator instance to allow coworking on your Free and open source projects!

Hey, it's a good alternative to other services like GitHub and GitLab etc.!

Join details:

  • Gratis registration for bug reporters
  • Gratis registration for Free as in freedom projects
  • Gratis registration if you do nothing but you love Torino and its Mole Antonelliana!
  • We can discuss other kind of participation

How to Register-in

We use Phabricator because we have some serious lack of time and we need to organize ourself. That's why we have not the time to fight for spam, so, to register-in:

  • ask invitation from an already registered friend
  • ...or click on the login button above and register via a social
  • ...or just introduce yourself here (note that the address is a dummy image):

Email.png (26×160 px, 2 KB)

Write down an email with what you like and what you want to do but write mozzarella-mandolino somewhere in the email to be not killed by a powerful artificial intelligence anti-spam filter.

Have fun!


I'm an Hacker and I'M IN. Now?

Welcome aboard, pirate! Arrrr! Now you can:


We don't accept donations. This is because you are the product and we just do enough truckloads of money selling your personal data to Al-Qaeda and Topo Gigio.

To be honest we don't accept donations just because we don't want to be on the phone with an accountant to understand how to receive money legally. In the meanwhile we accept food.

NOTE: To comply with the European transparency treaties here you should inform about our major lobbyist.
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