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"Mountain of Wealth" token, awarded by valerio.bozzolan.
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sil, Jan 8 2020

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This is a logo proposal.

The old logo is here:


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And what about inverting the colors? I mean yellow as background.

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Just some ideas.

Somehow these "O" can coincide.

Maybe the bus can be bigger, like it was crossing the logo.

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Alternative abstract version:

Main color alternative:

Tested other color palettes, ask if needed
Done some testing on custom launcher

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What about inverting orange and yellow? In order to make the yellow prominent, like in the older version.

L'icona del bus è molto bella, quella astratta non si capisce proprio.

sil added a comment.EditedThu, Mar 12, 16:30

I've changed the color palette in order to make the yellow more prominent while keeping the lighting scene consistent. To generate all the necessary assets I've used Android Studio. The result follows the latest Material Design guidelines (adaptive icons...).

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What about the headlights? How would it look with them?
Could you try, please?