Design a suitable bus stop POI icon for the in-app map
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Apr 23 2020, 08:32
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F27886: bus_stop.svg
Apr 26 2020, 23:01
F27865: bus_stop.svg
Apr 26 2020, 15:15
F17999: busto_poi_old.png
Apr 23 2020, 08:32
F17998: busto_poi_new.png
Apr 23 2020, 08:32


While we are actively working on T15: Show in-app map we noticed that OSMDroid is absolutely a pain in the eyes and has very poor design choices. We absolutely need to design a new Poin Of Interest icon, because the default one is shitty.

Personally, I started from the work of @andrea.ugo on this icon that is somehow interesting:

busto_poi_old.png (400ร—400 px, 138 KB)

And I make this mock-up with GIMP just adding two circles around it, in order to give more contrast with the background:

busto_poi_new.png (400ร—400 px, 60 KB)

This task is about improving the M9 mockup. The accepted mockup will be then exported in SVG. We will have to somehow put that SVG in the res/drawable/map.xml file (that will be available after D24: Add in-app map! approval).

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valerio.bozzolan renamed this task from Design a suitable bus stop POI icon to Design a suitable bus stop POI icon for the in-app map.Jun 23 2020, 10:26

I'd really like to see this on the map.

Mi piacerebbe molto vederlo dal vivo sulla mappa.